Stahl Storage SolutionsServing Central Alberta - 780-222-6389

Serving Central Alberta - 780-222-6389

Stahl Portable Garages

Stahl Storage Solutions builds aesthetically pleasing, practical garages

Garages for your Vehicle, ATVs and general storage

Garages for Home & Recreational use

Portable vehicle and ATV storage buildings, Toy storage.

Just Imagine what we could build for you!

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Innovative Storage Buildings

Commercial Stoage Buildings

Useful, Practical Storage Solutions

Commercial Stoage Buildings

Storage for Commercial Applications

Commercial sheds

Commercial Storage Sheds

Stoage for business

Storage Sheds for all applications

Storage sheds for recreation

You dream it . . . We’ll build it!

Stoage sheds for sale

ATV / Toy garages, vehicle garages, garden equipment garages
What ever you might need!

Commercial shop builders
Business stoage sheds

Combination Garage / Storage

Business storage buildings for sale

A Stahl Storage Solutions Garage that could be on its way to your property!

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As easy as 1-2-3
# 1 Start with a gravel pad

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As easy as 1-2-3
# 2 - Stahl Storage Solutions arrive with your new building

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As easy as 1-2-3
# 3 Just like that . . . You’re new building is ready to use!

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Road Ready . . . Coming to your property?

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Garage for sale

Vehicles / Storage / ATV / Toy garages, garden equipment garages
We will build whatever you need!

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It just doesn't come more practical and eye pleasing than this.

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Your design, your choice of cladding and roof materials, your best interests in mind.

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Affordable Garage solutions from Stahl Storage. Great craftsmanship - delivered to your door.

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Semi-finished garage / toy shed / tool shed or whatever you need.

Whitecourt Portable Storage Sheds
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Edmonton Storage Sheds

Think of the possibilities!

Give Michael a call to discuss your Cabin requirements.

PO Box 965 Onoway Alberta T0E 1V0

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