3 Effective Ways To Maximize Your Sheds Storage Space

No matter how big or small our homes are, we are always in need of additional space. We may need it to store away our seasonal items or keep our excess furniture, household, and gardening tools. We cannot permanently store these things in our basement or attic for many reasons, such as inaccessibility, water damage, and damage due to fluctuating temperatures.

Hence we must have an extra room on our property, away from the house itself, where we can safely store our items. A shed in the backyard can solve all your storage problems and offer a great way to keep your home organized and decluttered. However, people often get carried away with the idea and dump everything into it without proper planning and preparation.

Maximizing the space in your shed is important. Here, we mention some practical ways through which you can maximize your storage shed’s space.

Install Shelves In Your Shed

Shelves are an effective way to utilize a space completely. Without shelves in a room, we’re only left with four walls and a floor, which may not be of much use. This is especially true when we talk about sheds. Without shelves and cabinets in place, we can never maximize the space in our storage shed and may even end up throwing everything on the floor, further cluttering the space.

You can maximize your shed’s space by utilizing its walls. You can use different shelving systems for this purpose. Vertical open shelves, for example, are a great way to organize your containers, store gardening tools and other items.

Moreover, by installing shelves on your shed walls, you will not only be utilizing unused space and decluttering your floor but will also be making your shed look more spacious than it is.

To build strong shelves, use plywood to fit the surface area. You can modify your shelves to be deeper or construct them up to the ceiling to store more items.

Install Hanging Racks For Vertical Gear And Tools

Even after installing shelves, you can end up with some tools such as shovels, hoes, rakes, and more, lying around on the floor, cluttering the space. This is because they are usually very long and don’t fit on shelves. However, fortunately, there are ways to organize them as well. You can install vertical or hanging racks for such tools on the walls of your shed.

You can use these racks to store your long gardening tools and cleaning supplies such as garden hoses, hedge trimmers, pruners, shovels, mops, brooms, and more. You can also use these racks to hang your sports equipment such as badminton rackets, skateboards, boxing gloves, hula hoops, and much more.

Use Labels

Using shelves and wall storage systems will automatically make it easier for you to keep your shed organized and decluttered. However, using labels to categorize everything will further aid you in the process. Moreover, it is essential to keep in mind that even if you maximize your shed’s storage space, it will not be 100% effective unless you know where everything is when you need it.

Labeling containers, shelves, and cabinets can save you a lot of time and headache. For example, after a couple of months, you may find yourself looking through every single container or shelf to find a particular thing. But if you have everything labeled, it will become relatively easy for you to find a specific item.

So, print some tags or use a marker and label all your storage containers, shelves, and cabinets. Once everything has a place and a label, you’ll be glad you took the time out to organize your storage shed.

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