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5 Reasons Why Modular Construction Is More Sustainable Than Traditional Construction

In the past few decades, modular construction has dramatically changed the face of the construction process. Many modular building companies around the world, especially in North America, are witnessing a significant rise in the demands of modular structures. This is due to the multiple benefits they have over the conventional construction process, including cost-effectiveness,environmental friendliness, construction efficiency, and completion of the project in a shorter time.

The construction industry today is rapidly revolutionizing due to the rising popularity of the modular building process. Modular construction is also called off-site construction as it involves the manufacturing of different parts at separate locations and their assembly at the actual site. Positively changing attitudes towards modular buildings and their sustainability have made them popular and contributed a lot to their growth.

Continue reading to find out how the modular construction process is more sustainable than traditional construction.

Faster Construction Process

Unlike the traditional building construction process, the modular construction method allows you to complete your project in a relatively shorter time period. You can carry out indoor construction, installation, and design side by side with foundation work or site-building when constructing a modular building. This way you can construct multiple parts of the building at the same time, and later put them together at the final site.

Moreover, this makes it possible for you to hire more workforce and increase your work span. Since all manufacturing takes place at separate locations, the weather is also unlikely to cause unprecedented delays, allowing for quicker job completion.


The total energy consumption for traditional construction is very high and it is difficult to cut down on its use even slightly. This is where the modular building process takes the prize as it is almost 50 percent more effective and efficient compared to the conventional process.

Most buildings made by this technique, such as portable cabins, have sustainable and energy-efficient construction processes. They are also equipped with energy-efficient roofs, glass, solar panel systems, and geothermal systems.

Fewer Transportation Emissions

For conventional construction, the amount of transportation emissions is very high. This is due to the continuous back and forth of heavy machinery and site-workers to the construction site. However, the amount of carbon emissions with modular construction is reduced by as much as 90 percent since the majority of work is done within a factory. After it is done, the portable building is transported to the final site, and the amount of on-site emissions goes down substantially.

Better Construction Quality

The modular or indoor construction process ensures that the materials being used for building construction remain safe from external environmental damage. This is an effective way to ensure maximum product quality while avoiding any mistakes. The controlled factory environment where the construction is carried out also provides security to the design sheets and other customized aspects of your project.

One of the biggest construction-related hazards is moisture. So, if you use dry materials inside the controlled environment of a facility, it can effectively prevent moisture entrapment. Moreover, it will help you save energy and reduce material waste.

Less Noise Pollution

Unlike traditional construction processes, the noise pollution from modular building construction is minimal. This is true because the majority of the construction work, such as part manufacturing and some assembly, is done offsite in a controlled factory environment.

Excessive noise produced at construction sites is not only frustrating, but it can also lead to health issues. For instance, onsite workers and even residents in the close vicinity of an ongoing construction project can experience hearing loss, sleep problems, blood pressure spikes, and extreme stress.

Such nuisances can be disturbing, especially for students, patients, and employees. That is why modular building constructions are highly beneficial for schools, hospitals, and offices.

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