6 Things You Should Not Store In Your Garden Shed

If you have a garden shed in your house or if you are planning to get one from a storage shed manufacturer, you must be made aware of things that you cannot store inside of them. The garden shed will be outside, exposed to weather conditions. There are certain items that you must not store in your garden shed because they are vulnerable to damage. If you do so, it may cost you a lot. This blog shares six things that you must not store in your garden shed as they might get damaged.

1. Canned food items

The items that are in cans will get spoiled if you store them in the garden shed. The open sunlight and heat can increase the shed’s temperature high enough to damage the taste and quality of the canned food. It can be disastrous for you to store canned food in the shed as you will have to repurchase it. On the contrary, during winter, the metal canned food can get rusted, and it may result in holes at the bottom of the cans. In this way, your canned food will spill out and go to waste.

2. Glue and Paints

The second type of thing that you must not store in your garden shed is paints and glues. When the temperature is on either extreme, the composition of these items will break down, and it’ll not be usable anymore. For instance, in freezing weather, the paints can become lumpy and not fit for use. This way, your cost, and expensive paints will be a waste.

3. Photographs

Another thing you must not do is to put your family photographs in your garden shed. You might think that they will remain safe there, but that is not the case. The extreme temperature and the chances of any possible leakage or water spillage in the shed can result in the loss of the precious moments you captured. The best place for photographs is your home in a dry and cool place. The best temperature for photographs is moderate room temperature, and there must not be any humidity, and it must not be wet at all.

4. Clothing and bedding

If you put your off-season clothes, bedding, and other clothes in your garden shed, there are more chances that moths and different types of insects will tear them apart. It’ll be nothing less than a shock when you see your expensive clothes having holes in them. It’s better to understand and remember what you can store in your garden shed and what must be stored inside your home.

5. Wine will also be a waste

When it comes to wine, you may think that your garden shed can be the perfect storage space for it, but it’s not. Your garden shed will have varying temperatures inside it due to the changes in the weather. This changing temperature can result in a metal-like taste in the wine. If you are thinking of putting your wine in the garden shed, immediately drop that idea, as it’ll waste your investment in your favorite wine.

6. Electronic appliances

The things you put in your garden sheds can rust. When we talk about electric appliances, rust can damage the wiring of the appliances. It’ll cause these appliances to malfunction, and you will have to replace the wiring and maybe other components as well. As you know, electronic appliances are one of the most expensive items in a home, putting them in a garden shed can be costly.

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