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The Best Place In Your Backyard To Put Up A Shed

In order to increase the usable space around your house, you can place a shed in your backyard.

A shed is an ideal way to get extra space without doing an expensive home renovation. Whether you want to store lawn equipment or tools or want an outside bar or art studio, installing a shed in your backyard is the best way to cater to all of this.

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However, it is important that you hire a professional shed installer to install your backyard shed as they have the knowledge and skill to do the job.

Another thing that you will have to figure out before installing the shed is the right spot in your backyard. Not all the spots in your backyard are ideal for installing a shed so you will have to find the perfect spot by consulting with the professionals you are hiring.

In this blog post, you will find all that you need to know about the placement of a shed and the factors you should consider when deciding where your shed should go.

Where To Place Your Shed

Here is all the information you need to have about where to place your shed.

Utility Lines

Before installing your storage shed you will need to call your utility company to come over and mark where their utility lines run on your property.

You do not want to damage the utility lines by installing a shed over them, it is important that you find out where the utility lines run in your backyard.

This will probably take a few days but it is one of the most important steps and is the first thing you should do before installing a shed.

The utility company will come and place indicators where the utility lines are, this way you will know where to not install your shed.

If you skip this step you will run the risk of installing your shed over your utility lines. This might not affect you right away after the installation but if there is an issue with your lines, you will have to remove your shed.

Don’t Install It Too Close To The House

The next thing you need to avoid is putting your storage shed too close to your house. Because if the shed is installed too close to your house, there is a chance that pests and insects will make their way into your home.

Climbing the roof of your shed is easier for them. Moreover, by placing your shed close to your home you are making it easier for robbers as well to gain access to your house.

So in order to ensure the safety of your house, you should avoid placing your shed in close proximity to your house.

So to avoid providing a gateway to bugs, insects, and robbers you should find a spot that is away from your house.

Things You Should Consider

Here are a few things you should consider when installing a shed in your backyard.


Before installing a shed you will need to first decide the purpose of your shed because only then will you be able to decide if you want to install it under the sun or not.

So if you are making a shed for tool storage or for sorting gas or flammable materials you should put it in the shade so that it does not absorb too much heat and stays away from the direct sunlight.

But on the other hand, if you are planning to turn your shed into some sort of working studio then you should place it somewhere that gets direct sunlight as this will let you work inside the shed while using less electricity.

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