How To Bug-Proof Your Shed

Sheds are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. More and more people are installing garden sheds and storage sheds in their backyards to fulfill their storage needs.

Sheds are a good way of storing your extra things and garden tools but a huge problem that comes with a shed is keeping them bug-free.

Since the shed is usually installed in the backyard or in your garden area, they become an easy target for bugs, pests and rats. Most bugs and rats end up chewing on stuff stored in your shed. They can also affect the integrity of your shed’s structure.

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Hence it is very important that you make your storage shed bug and rat free. In this blog post, we will talk in detail about how you can bug-proof your shed.

Fully Assess Your Shed

The first thing that you need to do is clear out your storage shed and closely examine it. Look for signs of wear and tear or holes.

Just like everything else, storage and garden sheds also have an age limit and after a certain amount of time, you need to replace them with new and better sheds.

So the first thing you need to do in order to make your shed bug-free is fully examine your old shed and look for any signs of holes and cracks.

If you see any such signs, call a professional shed builder and he/she will tell you in detail if you should replace your shed or if it can be fixed.

How To Bug-Proof Your Shed

Here are some steps that you should follow in order to bug-proof your storage shed:

Remove All Your Stuff

The first thing you have to do is empty your shed and clean everything that you want and give away all the stuff that is not needed.

By cleaning all your stuff you will be able to remove all the dormant rats and mice or spiderling nests.

So you must clean all your stuff before putting them back into the storage shed but make sure that you do all your cleaning on a sunny day.

Moreover, remember that after cleaning and drying your stuff, put the things back in your shed only if your shed is fully repaired and ready.

Otherwise putting your things in a broken shed will not help you protect your stuff from spiders, insects and rats.

Seal The Cracks And Holes

After emptying your shed, check for holes and cracks. Closely inspect your floors and ceilings for holes.

Since your shed stores all your heavy garden tools they often get slammed down by the heavy furniture and lawnmowers. All this heavyweight ends up damaging the flooring of your shed.

Similarly, the ceiling of your shed often has to bear the burden of harsh weather such as storms and heavy rainfall. All of this can lead to cracks and holes in the ceiling.

So, you should hire a professional shed builder and get all these small holes and cracks sealed. The professionals will patch your sheds flooring and ceiling and will replace the old wood with new timber.

Closely Inspect Your Sheds Windows And Doors

The windows and doors of your shed are the biggest entry point for bugs and rats. Windows and doors have gaps that let pests and mice into your shed.

Therefore you should closely inspect the doors and windows of your shed and seal all the gaps with strips of plastic and wood.

Once your windows and doors are sealed properly there will be no way for the bugs and rats to enter your shed.

Final Word

Making your shed bug-free is very important because if insects and rats get into your shed they will ruin all the things stored in your shed.

Therefore, make sure that you follow the aforementioned steps and make your shed free from pests and rats.

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