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7 Different Types Of Storage Sheds For Your Property

Storage sheds play a crucial role in storing off season items keeping your garage and home clutter free. Storage sheds can be used for more than just storage purposes, as they can also be used to store your plants or be turned into a creative place, music jamming room, gym, guest room, and more.

Depending on your purpose, you can find tons of options for storage sheds. Visit Stahl Storage for an amazing variety of storage sheds and cabins that are not only affordable but durable as well.

This blog highlights the different types of popular storage sheds you can purchase for your property in 2021.

Designs Of Sheds

There are plenty of options available when it comes to choosing the design of your shed. Let’s explore some of them.

Gable Shed

A Gable shed is an economical choice when it comes to sheds. A Gable shed is a perfect choice if you want to have a small-sized shed with a clean appearance and fine lines with ample storage space for storing things.

Barn Shed

Barn sheds are common among shed buyers and are a great addition to your backyard. Also known as Gambrel sheds, they give plenty of space for storing things. If you are looking for large overhead space, barn sheds are a good choice for you. Their outlook is old-fashioned, which appeals to many traditional buyers.

New England Sheds

New England sheds are great if you want a bigger space to turn them into a room of your choice. They come in different sizes and are usually larger than other kinds of sheds. They also include fine lines with an appealing outlook with different roofing options.

Mono-Slope Shed

A mono slope shed is a shed with only one slope. This means that you can store more on one side of it. This style of shed is ideal for those who want a different shed in their backyard.

Saltbox Shed

The Saltbox shed has more slope in the back and less overhang at the front. This design creates a saltbox style.

Adding windows, doors, and shutters will increase its physical appearance. It also comes in various styles and sizes.

Potting Sheds

Potting sheds are ideal for plants and pot-keeping. They come with a sloping window made of glass or plastic. Such windows allow heat and light to get into the shed and are great for the photosynthesis process. They also serve as a great sitting place during the winter season.

Corner Sheds

A corner shed fills up the corner of your backyard in a more useful way. It covers the corner and has a curvy front that doesn’t take up much space.

Other than the sheds mentioned above, some other types of sheds are also available in the market. Contact your shed company or visit them to learn more about the different types of sheds available in your area. Metal, wood, and plastic vinyl materials are used to manufacture storage sheds, find out which one is best for you.

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