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Your Guide To Buying The Perfect Wooden Shed

If you have got extra space in your backyard, you might have thought of using it in some productive way. Investing in a portable garden shed made of high quality can spruce up your garden area and be quite useful for you.

Different types of garden sheds are available made of different materials, such as plastic, wood, and metal. To see which material is the best for you, read this blog here.

Choosing a wooden shed means you must consider several options before finalizing the deal. There might be many different types of sheds that you like. However, you must be fully informed of the available options and know exactly what you need according to your own needs.

This blog post helps you with that and highlights some useful information that might help you choose the best wooden shed.

Consider The Size

The first and most important factor you must consider before buying any wooden shed is the size of the shed. Moreover, what size of shed you need will depend on what you intend to use it for and how much space you want to utilize in your garden. A medium-sized shed is a good choice if you have a large family with lots of bikes and garden equipment. However, if you plan to store only a few items, then a smaller sized shed will suit you.

Material Quality

One of the surprising factors you must consider when buying a wooden shed is the quality of the material. You might find seemingly identical models at different price points. This is due to the quality of the material used, the thickness of the timber, and the different types of cladding used to make the wooden shed.

Such types of cladding can vary in strength and weather resistance quality. For example, a certain set may come with an anti-rot guarantee, flat walls, and a thick floor. This would be much more expensive than other models that have relatively thinner walls and floor, with the roof covering made of sand felt. This means the more expensive shed will offer better weather resistance and sturdiness and, therefore, will last for years.

Different Types Of Cladding

A wooden shed’s strength and weather resistance are based on its cladding. There are three main types of cladding.

Overlap Cladding

Overlap cladding is a standard type and provides a stable structure and resistance to most weather types.

Tongue And Groove Cladding

In such a type of cladding, the panels interlock to create a tighter and more rigid surface.

Shiplap Tongue And Groove

This type of cladding has interlock panels but with the addition of small lips between each panel. This one is the most expensive type of cladding.

A Suitable Base

Another important thing to consider for your wooden shed is a suitable base on which the wooden shed has to stand. A suitable base is necessary, which keeps your wooden shed above the ground. It makes sure that your shed remains dry and free of rot for many years. Your shed builder will help you find the best material size and other important considerations for your shed base.

Roof And Doors

Another key element in your wooden shed is to choose the type of roof and door. A wooden shed might have different types of roof options, such as apex roof pent roof and dutch barn roof.

How Can Stahl Storage Help You Get The Best Wooden Sheds?

Stahl Storage is an excellent wooden shed provider that services throughout Alberta. We offer you high-quality wooden sheds made of fine wood and customize according to your requirements.

We also provide consultations for building excellent sheds. We visit your site and analyze which type of material and size would be the most suitable for your garden or backyard.

With us, you will find numerous portable storage shed options suited according to your statics and requirements. Through our premium quality construction materials and ample option of customization, we rule the hearts of our customers. If you need any help, we are always available. Contact us for more information.

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