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How To Make Your Storage Shed Summer-Proof

Canadians who live in the northern parts of the country have to deal with extreme climate conditions. Thus, it is no surprise that they prefer the heat of a short summer season rather than dealing with months of long cold and snow. With the weather slowly warming up worldwide each year, and the average summer temperatures now reaching up to 21 degrees Celsius in Canada, knowing how to properly protect your storage shed from the heat is vital for its longevity.

If you are using your storage shed or garage as your home office or gym, these summer months will be tough for you. This is because the heat will be a serious problem in a small space like your shed. Also, as humidity levels rise, performing your daily tasks might become extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable. Extremely hot days might make it difficult for you to spend most of your time in your shed office.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of some tips that might be useful in staving off heat during the summer and improving your comfort level. But first, let’s read about some of the reasons why your shed heats up in the summer.

Some Reasons Why Storage Sheds Might Heat Up

Several reasons might be responsible for heating your storage shed, including:

  • Location of your shed: If your shed faces west, it is directly exposed to the intense afternoon heat.
  • Color of your shed: If your shed has dark-colored windows and doors, it will conduct more heat.
  • No heat protection: Poor ventilation, lack of insulation, or any other heat protection barriers allow heat to build.

Now that you know how storage sheds get so warm, use the following garage cooling solutions to bring that temperature down. Most of these cooling tips are cost-effective, while others might involve a bigger investment.


Proper airflow will help maintain a lower temperature inside your shed. Therefore, installing a ventilation system will prevent the buildup of hot air inside your storage shed turned office. You can also get a high-power exhaust fan installed for your storage shed office along with multiple windows and roof vents for effective aeration.


Despite generating a fair amount of airflow, fans cannot lower the rooms’ temperature during a hot and humid day. But, investing in an air-conditioning system will help keep temperatures and humidity levels low. Most air-conditioners do not fit inside small spaces like a storage shed or garage. We recommend getting a window-mounted air conditioner for your shed office.


Properly insulating your shed can help reduce external heat transfer by a significant amount. There are numerous types of insulation materials available in the market to choose from, such as cellulose, fiberglass, wool, and more. You can also choose to use an insulating foam to make your insulation into a watertight membrane. You can use spray or concrete foam for your storage shed turned home office.

Radiant Barriers

Another way you can reduce the heat accumulation inside your shed is by using a Radiant Barrier. These materials are highly reflective and work by reflecting radiant heat instead of absorbing it. It effectively reduces summer heat gain and reduces cooling costs by 5-10 percent. It is a great way to protect your expensive devices such as laptops, chargers, mobile phones, and more from overheating during the summer.

Weather Stripping

Weather-stripping is a process where any gaps in your doors and windows are sealed off. It helps keep cool interior air in and ensures that rainwater and snow do not leak through. It is a simple and cost-effective method for saving energy.

Window Glazing

Typically caulking is done to seal windows, but there is another more efficient method to slow down the heating up of your home or shed, called window glazing. By glazing your storage shed’s windows, you can allow a natural breeze to flow in.

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