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How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Shed

Your outdoor shed is a very amiable area for mice. Sheds have many crevices and gaps in them which can lead to mice infestations. A shed acts as a store room where people can store their excess luggage, old furniture and other stuff. As you might not go in there very often, your shed can become a favourable place for pests like rats, rodents and mice to nourish and spend the frosty nights of the winter season as well as protect themselves from harsh weather.

So if you are worried about mice infesting your shed, then this blog will help you solve this problem.

What To Do If Your Shed Has A Mice Infestation

If your shed is overrun by mice then the most practical and viable option for you to eradicate them is to poison them.

Mice have a very strong learning behaviour. They can memorize and retain the traps and tricks you have set once they become victims of them. This behaviour is then transfered to the next generation genetically.

Preparation For The Winter Season

As winter approaches, you should be prepared for a mice infestation. Stay vigilant and as soon as you see any signs that there might be a mouse in your shed, start to look for a possible solution. Don’t let it roam freely, take immediate action. Rodents have rapid reproduction rates and it will become extremely difficult for you to manage the chaos.

Tidying Up Your Shed

Normally we store junk in our sheds like containers, carton boxes and more. Clear away all the garbage in your shed. Rats and mice love to hide in dark places like boxes. Your boxes can also host many insects upon which mice and rats can nourish.

Use Of Chemicals For Cleaning

Rats and mice have poor eyesight but their olfaction power is very strong due to their strong olfactory nerve. After clearing and throwing away all your debris, wash your shed with chemicals like bleach which is a good option because it has a strong chlorine-like unpleasant odour which will eliminate the unpleasant odor caused by mice. This will also deter them from returning to your shed again.

Close Off All Possible Entrance Routes

When trying to get rid of a mouse infestation be sure to seal off all holes, cracks, breaks and voids because these are tempting sites for rodents. So cementing all the crevices in your floors, walls, door and drainage system will help you get relief from them.

Mice incisors are very strong so there is always a possibility that they might try to make their way in through your sealed holes and cracks again. So visit your shed often and perform regular inspections.

Discard Their Food Source

Mice sustain a variety of nutrition. Normally mice feed on fruits, seeds and grain but in conditions where there is a food shortage they will start to feed on insects like grasshoppers, caterpillars, worms, junk and trash.

Natural Deterring Fragrances

Some theories suggest that natural oils like chilli oil, peppermint oil and cloves are great repellents for a mouse infestation.

So try applying peppermint oil on pieces of fabric and placing it in different spots of your shed or use clove leaves.

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