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Metal Sheds Vs. Wooden And Plastic Sheds: Which One Is Better?

Is a wooden shed better than a metal shed, or is a plastic one better? Which one should you buy for storing your things or placing them in your garden? Which one would last longer and has aesthetic appeal?

There are so many questions that could pop up in your mind when considering buying a storage shed. The first question that might trigger your mind is the type of material that you should buy. Deciding on materials and what size you want your storage shed to be requires special care.

Stahl Storage offers a wide range of storage shed solutions along with a complete guide.

Metal Sheds

Metal sheds are the most durable material when it comes to choosing a long-lasting storage shed. They are cheaper than most other types of sheds. However, metal can rust over time if proper care is not taken.

Metal sheds are easy to carry and install. Most of the time, no foundation is required to place them. Metal sheds are made of aluminum or steel that are easy to renovate. You can paint your metal shed any color you want. Another benefit of metal sheds is that they are fire retardant. Unlike wooden sheds, they won’t catch fire.

Metal sheds are easy to assemble, and you can do it on your own. This helps save you the expenses of hiring someone to assemble your shed unlike other types. Finally, metal sheds are an eco-friendly choice as compared to wood or plastic. Most of them are made of recycled materials and are healthy for the surroundings.

Wooden Sheds

Wooden sheds also look beautiful after installation. They can be painted as you want and be customized to your needs. However, there are unfinished beams and wooden sticks that give a grim outlook. Wooden sheds also tend to attract insects. It can develop mold and termite damage over time and eat up your shed. You can always take some precautions to prevent mold development.

Wooden sheds are customizable and can be decorated in any way you want. They look beautiful when you hang plants and pots on them. You will have to spend more money if you want a good quality wooden shed.

Low quality wooden sheds may be inexpensive, but they won’t last long. Barn style, log siding, and more can enhance your property’s overall look. Though wooden sheds may look more appealing, they are challenging to maintain and may be more expensive than other types of sheds.

Plastic Sheds

Plastic sheds are also called vinyl, resin, or polyethylene sheds. Because they are made of plastic, they can be harmful to your environment. Plastic sheds are light. However, they may be blown by strong winds. So, you need to ensure that you have installed them correctly.

You can also paint plastic sheds to enhance their outlook. However, plastic sheds can brittle in the sunlight, reducing their lifespan. Plastic sheds are not cheaper than wooden sheds, but they are less expensive than their metal counterparts. Plastic sheds also allow easy decoration such as lights, windows, additional doors, locks, peg strips, and more. But, they can’t bear much weight.

Which One To Choose?

Deciding on which material to go with when buying a storage shed is challenging as each of them has its pros and cons. If you want to beautify your area, you can purchase wooden sheds. On the other hand, metal sheds are great to choose from if you wish to have a more sturdy material and shed. Moreover, they are cheaper than their wooden counterparts.

Regarding maintenance, wooden sheds require the most. Plastic sheds may be a good choice when trying to cut down on maintenance, but may not be sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. Overall, it depends on your preference and budget when deciding which material is the most suitable.

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