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Preventive Tips For Pest Control: How To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Shed

Pests and bugs are common especially during the summer rainy season. They are not only annoying but also affect your furniture and other items made of wood, and can end up significantly damaging items in your house.

Pests and bugs are unwelcomed inhabitants in storage sheds. Sheds that are kept outside in a garden or backyard are more prone to rodents and mice. Although sheds that are built slightly above ground level are relatively safe when it comes to rodents or rat infestation, pests can still get into your storage shed due to overhanging branches and trees nearby.

This blog post shares some tips on how you can keep pests away from your shed and make your shed bug-proof.

What Should You Avoid?

Many people think that keeping their shed above a certain ground level will keep them free of rodents and rats. However, doing this might prove to be dysfunctional and make you unable to store some things. Therefore, it is not always the best strategy to keep your shed above ground level. Furthermore, the space between the shed and the ground can become a main hub for mold and bacteria development. This can damage your storage shed and lead to floor damage.

What Should You Do?

There are several preventive tips which you can opt for to prevent pests from getting in your shed.

Keep Your Shed Free Of Garbage

Some homeowners have this bad habit of throwing garbage or keeping leftovers in their storage shed or near it. However, this must be avoided at all costs as the scent attracts pests and bugs. Moreover, it is also a source of shelter for them. In the worst case scenario, they can end up laying eggs in your shed as well. Keep your garbage bag away from your shed.

Cut Overhanging Trees

If you have trees around with untrimmed branches and overhanging leaves, it is better to cut them. Small insects and bugs crawl over those branches, and this might lead them to your shed. Therefore, it is a good idea to trim your trees periodically to prevent them from becoming overgrown.

Seal Any Leaks Or Cracks

Poor quality storage sheds can start to crack after a few years of use. Such cracks are welcoming points for rodents, mice, and bugs of different types. Patch any leaks you see in the roof of your shed and caulk its walls to prevent any unwanted pests from entering your shed.

Wrap Chicken Wire Mesh Around Your Shed

If you think that rodents and mice are coming from someplace and entering your shed, wrap your shed using some form of chicken mesh or wrap wire that can prevent rodents such as mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters from entering.

Upgrade To A Better And Newer Shed

It might be possible that your shed has lived its life, and now you need to replace it. Upgrading to a better and newer shed can prevent costly damages to your shed.

Look for a professional shed company that can offer you various kinds of storage sheds at affordable rates. You might require a shed to safely store your vehicles, ATVs, and general storage garages supplies, recreational use, compact car & ATV building, or toy storage.

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