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Tips To Prolong The Lifespan Of A Portable Garage

Gone are the days when ‘grandeur’ was the goal. As the world and its people bravely fight the current scarcity of resources, ‘increased efficiency’ has become everyone’s primary objective. In the current era, individuals neither have the space nor the budget to construct permanent structures to meet their typical needs. Thus, portable buildings are becoming the norm in Canada and across the globe.

In this regard, portable sheds and garages have become quite popular, especially in residential settings. During a time when purchasing or building a house requires you to look into expensive financing options that place massive burdens on your shoulders, you would never want to spend a single extra penny on an additional structure. However, the need for structures like garages and storage sheds remains regardless of your intention.

In such financial dilemmas, portable prefabricated structures like garages are a wonderful alternative. You can securely park your vehicle in a less costly yet durable and up-to-the-mark garage. Nevertheless, this type of convenience does require an elevated level of care. Although your investment in a portable garage will be way less than that in a permanent garage, the benefit goes down the drain in the shape of frequent repairs and replacements if you do not effectively attend to the structure.

As experts in constructing portable structures, we shall use this blog to reveal a few tips to prolong the lifespan of your portable garage. The latter will make your investment worth the effort.

Tips To Ensure Longevity Of Your Portable Garage

In truth, extending the service life of your portable garage or any other structure does not require any rocket science. A bit of cleaning and a lot of vigilance is all you need:

1. Choose A Reliable Supplier

Every effort to maintain your garage is rendered worthless if you initially make the wrong investment decision. Your garage’s longevity depends upon two initial factors:

  • The supplier’s reliability
  • The quality of the garage’s material (as discussed later)

Hence, you need to be extremely cautious when choosing a supplier of portable structures. Spend some time researching various suppliers and look through the ratings they have received and their customers’ feedback. In this regard, Stahl Storage offers premium quality products at fair prices with multiple options.

2. Pay Attention To Quality

Although our main focus is to seek cost-effective alternatives to permanent buildings, this does not mean you should forsake the garage’s quality in the name of cost-effectiveness. You can easily find garages constructed from decent material that fall within your budget. The idea is to never go overboard in terms of saving as it may lead to a compromise on quality.

You can try metal garages that are not only sturdy but also reasonably priced.

3. Make Regular Cleaning A Habit

But your duty does not end at purchasing a perfect portable garage. Actually, the real work begins after the latter. In order to make your investment worthwhile, you need to put extra effort into the care of your garage. For this, you need to make regular garage cleaning a habit. If not every day, then at least try to clean the garage every second or third day.

4. Tidy Up The Surrounding Area

Likewise, keeping the area around the garage clean is also essential. The latter will prevent dried leaves and other littering materials from entering your garage. Once the garage’s exterior remains clean, the effort required for the interior cleaning will also significantly decline.

5. Keep An Eye On Mold And Mildew Growth

Mold and mildew are the biggest enemies of any portable structure. If not removed, these may lead to the demise of your garage. Thus, when cleaning the garage, inspect the area for any signs of mold or mildew growth. If they exist, get rid of them as soon as possible.

  • Immediately mix about ½ cup of bleach, ¼ cup of household detergent, and 1 gallon of lukewarm water.
  • Apply the mixture to the area affected by mold using a rag and leave it on for 20 minutes.
  • This method will restrict mold and mildew from spreading further and kill any existing mold.

6. Devote Special Attention To The Roof

One of the biggest problems garage owners face is the quick deterioration of the roof. Harsh Canadian weather elements like bone freezing snowstorms, scorching sunlight, and strong winds severely damage the roof. Therefore, to prevent such significant problems, we advise you to inspect the roof for any signs of damage regularly.

Moreover, never let water accumulate on your garage’s roof, as stagnant water can give birth to numerous problems.

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