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How To Select The Right Portable Storage Shed

People nowadays need more space in order to store their things. What better option do they have than buying a storage shed for their backyard or garden.

But there are many people who don’t have enough space to build a fixed storage shed in their house so they buy a portable storage shed.

Portable storage sheds have become popular among homeowners. As they are extremely easy to move around and install.

So if you are looking for flexibility combined with versatility then portable storage sheds are a perfect choice.

The main reason why it is easy to move and transport a portable storage shed is that it is made from lightweight materials.

However, there are certain mistakes that you will need to avoid in order to buy the best storage shed if you are planning to invest in a storage shed.

Now if you are planning to buy a portable storage shed for your house you might be wondering where to start.

In this blog post, we will outline some tips that will help you select the best portable storage shed.

Choose Tough Flooring

Flooring is the most important part of your portable storage shed. Hence it is vital that you pick a shed with a floor that can hold the weight of your items.

Portable storage sheds need to have ¾ inch pressure-treated floors if you want them to withstand the pressure of your storage items. Sheds with these types of pressure-treated floors can hold up to 40 pounds per square foot.

For instance, if you were to buy a 10×16 metal storage shed then this would equal to 160 square feet. Now multiply this by the above-mentioned 40 pounds per square foot that equates to 6400 pounds and this is the amount of weight your shed will be able to withstand.

So, when you are considering shed options make sure that you buy a shed that has an industry-standard floor. Also always go for a shed that has a floor that has been fastened with screws instead of nails.

Because the shed floors that are fastened with nails are dangerous as with time the nail heads can stick up through your floor and can cause serious damage to anyone walking barefoot.

Whereas a shed floor that is screwed down is more secure and it also increases the ability of your portable storage shed to hold heavy items.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that your sheds flooring should have solid skids underneath.

Because no matter how strong your storage shed floor is it won’t be able to withstand the heavy weight of your items without the support of proper solid skids.

So when you are in the process of purchasing a shed make sure to ask your sales associate if the storage shed has these skids or not, as these solid skids will make your shed structurally sound.

Inspect The Doors

Doors are also an important part of portable storage sheds, they provide security to your shed and protect it from insects and bugs that can damage the structure of storage shed.

You need to keep the moisture out of your shed as it will damage the things you have stored and will eat away the wood of your storage shed.

Therefore, you should use solid core fibreglass doors. These doors provide the best protection against moisture.

Fibreglass doors have insulation barriers that will keep moisture and unwanted pests outside your portable storage shed.

Use Durable Framing

Before you buy a portable storage shed it is important to look at the framing. The framing of your storage shed should be made from a durable material such as yellow pine.

If the frame of your shed is not made from a durable material then it will not last long. Since the frame is the main structure of your shed, if it gets damaged it will ruin the whole shed.

Therefore it should be made from the best material that is durable so that your shed can last longer.

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