Some Pros & Cons Of Hiring A Garden Shed Contractor

Building a garden shed is a great way to add versatility and storage to your garden space. Garden or portable sheds are the perfect places to store belongings that are not used frequently. This can be your kids’ sports gear, bicycles, garden tools, power tools, camping equipment, delivery boxes, and more. They not only add an extra dimension to your garden but also increase your properties value, which will serve you well whenever you are looking to sell your property.

If you consider all aspects of the process and do proper research, then the chances of things taking a bad turn when buying or building a garden shed will be low. However, people find the process of buying a shed from the market to be quite confusing because of the so many available options. Getting a custom shed build for yourself can be daunting as well.


Building A Garden Shed

If you want things to be exactly the way you want, then getting a custom-built shed is the right option for you. Once you have made your decision regarding getting a personalized shed built for you, the next step is to look for a shed builder. You need to make sure that you have done enough thorough research about builders or the contractors available in the market before making the final hire. This process of vetting is crucial to making a well-informed decision.

To help you make a decision on whether you should hire a contractor to build a shed for you or not, we have enlisted some of the pros and cons that can help ease the process.

The Pros Of Hiring A Shed Contractor

Hiring a contractor to build your garden shed has some definite advantages over building one yourself or buying an already made one. These include:

Quality Contractor Means You Get A Quality Shed

Hiring a skilled and experienced contractor to build your personalized garden shed will guarantee that your shed will last for several years, if not generations. If you want your garden shed to be of good quality and have a finished look, then you should definitely consider hiring a professional. You will not have to worry about the quality of materials being used and the work being done after hiring an experienced craftsman.

You Can Achieve Greater Customizability

If you have specific requirements for your garden shed such as its shape, color, type of material used, or its size, then it is best that you hire a professional shed builder for this job. They have the right experience to ensure that the finished product will have the look that you visualized and that suits your needs.

Contractors Can Help You Make The Right Decisions

Although having a custom-built shed will guarantee its suitability to your needs, choosing the materials and finalizing all the aspects of the building can be very confusing. In order to get the desired results, a lot of thought has to be put in while deciding on various factors such as the material that you want to use for your shed and more.

For instance, if you are looking for a rustic look, then wooden sheds are the right option. But they require protection from fungus, insects, and extreme weather conditions. Also, they are quite expensive to build. On the other hand, metal sheds are relatively cheaper than wooden sheds and are fire-proof, but will easily corrode over time.

Having to make such important decisions that will affect your budget can be tough. However, hiring a professional contractor can take this responsibility off your shoulders as they can give you the right advice every step of the way from choosing between materials to finalizing the right shape. In addition to this, they can also guide you based on the weather conditions of your area, type of land, your garden plants, and overall look.


The Cons Of Hiring A Shed Contractor

If you don’t have a highly specific shed requirement, then hiring a contractor might not be the best option. Consider the following disadvantages:

Contractors Can Be Expensive

The difference in cost between buying a storage shed and hiring a contractor for a personalized shed can be anywhere over a thousand dollars. If your shed’s features do not need to be specific to suit your requirements then it is best to just go with a pre – build shed that is large enough to store your things. If you do not care about having either a customized garden shed or a pre-built one, then spending these extra dollars might not be worth it.

Custom Sheds Take Longer To Be Completed

The construction of your new, customized shed can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. The duration of completion will usually depend on a multitude of factors such as the number of construction workers working on the project and the kind of shed.

Moreover, if you are going to hire a construction team, you will have to ensure that someone from your family is always at home to oversee the process. Also, getting a shed built on your property means that the contractors will have access to a large portion of your home. So, you will be responsible for the security and safety of your home, family, pets, and other valuables.

If all this looks too much for you to manage and you also need a storage shed as soon as possible, then the best option for you is to buy a shed.

You Might Need To Obtain Building Permits

You are required to obtain a building permit from the municipalities and cover essential legal bases before starting any construction activity in a residential area. If you want to avoid legal complications and lengthy paperwork, then buying an already made shed is the best option. You do not need to secure any permits or fill in paperwork with the authorities for the assembly of an already made garden shed.

Consider your budget, time, and backyard needs before hiring a shed contractor. Also, make sure you ask for their licensing, inquire about their experience, and their proximity to your area before making a final decision. All these aspects and your budget will help you make an informed choice that best fits your needs and demands.

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