Some Uses Of A Portable Shed That You Might Not have Thought Of

Portable sheds and garages are built as multipurpose spaces that can be used for a myriad of applications. Their diverse nature makes them a popular choice among domestic, commercial, and industrial clients. Typically, portable sheds are used as storage spaces, temporary offices, street cafes and more.

In this blog, we share some new ideas that you might have never thought of using your portable cabins for.

Surveillance Room

Video surveillance rooms for any setup should be distinct but near the facility in case of an emergency. If you don’t have space for a surveillance room and cannot spare the budget to build a separate room in the facility, investing in a portable shed or cabin is the best way to go about it.

The shed will be like an extension of the facility you are in. Hence, in case of an emergency, the individuals in the room will have access to the building.

Security Guard Cabin

If you have more than one security guard on duty, a portable shed can be a good way of accommodating them. The room can be used as a tiny cafeteria, lunch room or just a space for them to take some time off.

It will work as a great space for security guards to rest as their shift approaches or it is time for another guard to take over.

Pet House

If you are a pet owner and want an extra space for your felines or canines, a portable shed can be a great option. It is always good to have a separate kennel for your dogs for proper bedtime training. If you don’t have ample space inside your house or if you have more than one dog, a portable cabin can be used as a kennel.

It is safer and more reasonable than building a new kennel.

Beauty Parlour

If you are looking for a low cost setup to start your salon business, a portable shed can become the start-up place for your brand. There are several successful businesses around the world that started in tiny cabins and sheds.

A portable shed in your backyard will not require you to pay extra taxes and you will have a low maintenance and low cost space to start your own business.

This will also help you strike a good balance between your professional and domestic life. Moreover, since it will be a separate space, it will also not create any disturbance for the residents of the house. You can also paint and decorate your storage shed according to the theme of your business.

Gym And Fitness Room

Most houses don’t have a separate space for gyms and fitness rooms. However, if you are interested in designing a separate fitness room in your house, a portable shed can provide ample space at a low cost.

You can add equipment like treadmills, an electric cycle, elliptical and more. To give it a more gym-like vibe, you can also install a few mirrors. Moreover, if it feels stuffy, you can get a portable fan for the area or get an AC installed.

Portable cabins are pretty versatile and have a plethora of applications. All you have to do is be creative and use the cabin according to your requirements.

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