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Although Edmonton’s humidity level is not as bothersome as Ontario’s, it is an inconvenience and source of aggravation for people. While its effects are not severely felt in large structures like houses and offices, modular buildings like storage garden sheds, portable garages, and storage cabins bear the biggest impact. Owing to their poor ventilation features and lack of adequate moisture control measures, these modular structures face a greatly amplified threat of damage due to humidity and moisture build-up.

As apparent from the above discussion, humidity control is absolutely essential not only for your portable structures but also for your and your family’s comfort. Many of you might not even know that you need to keep your indoor humidity in check.

FUN FACT: Did you know that experts specifically recommend that an indoor setting’s relative humidity level must not exceed 50%?

Excessive dryness is not the only cause of health problems. According to research, undue humidity is a major culprit behind numerous adverse health conditions such as lethargy, low energy, and hyperthermia, which also leads to heat strokes in severe circumstances. At this point, you might argue that you do not spend a lot of time in your shed, so humidity precautions are not necessary. Yes, you are right, but what about the valuable items that you store in it and the shed itself?

Whether your storage shed is made of wood or metal, the impacts of humidity will be equally detrimental for each material type in different ways.


Unfortunately, storage sheds are an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ matter for homeowners. Except for the occasional cleaning, people do very little to ensure their shed maintains its good condition. This blog provides a systematic guide on how to make your shed condensation-proof.

Choose The Most Reliable Shed In Alberta

This tip is for people who have not already invested in a storage shed or those that want to replace their existing ones. Although this investment is not as significant as the one for a house, it is, nonetheless, a substantial expenditure. Thus, you must be very skeptical in taking each step.

Instead of buying a standard-s-zed shed, it is better to get in touch with a reliable shed builder and request a custom-made one. Not only does the latter give you the best return on your investment, but it also ensures that the shed meets your precise needs. During your negotiations, you can raise your concerns regarding humidity and ask them to construct a shed while keeping your apprehensions in mind.

Invest In A Foundation

One of the ways moisture creeps into a structure is through the ground. A natural passage for water seepage is created when a building’s floor comes in contact with the soil underneath. This moisture seeps up through your walls and condenses when the air inside is colder than the outside. This condensation invites a chain of adversaries like mould and mildew attacks, obsolescence, rust, and corrosion.

The best way to block out underground moisture is by investing in a foundation.

Vents And Windows Are Always Good

The only thing that can beat condensation is evaporation, and the best way to achieve the latter is by promoting adequate ventilation and air circulation. If you have a shed with no windows do not despair. Request a professional shed builder to help you perforate suitably-sized windows and vents to enhance the airflow.

Space Out Stored Items

It might not be a very pleasant example, but you surely noticed that most of the moisture on your skin accumulates in areas that have limited exposure to adequate airflow – for instance, your armpits. A similar science can be used to explain condensation in closely packed goods. Once moist air passes through closely stuffed items, the increased temperature results in condensation, which damages the goods.

Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention when stacking furniture or other items to provide ample space for air circulation.

Spot And Fix Leaks

Moist air finds its way into a shed through structural gaps and inaccurate insulation. It would be a good idea to inspect your storage shed for air leaks and seal them off to prevent unnecessary moisture build-up.

Take A Contemporary Turn!

If your finances allow you, we would recommend that you also invest in an electric dehumidifier. If you use the shed or cabin as a secluded office where you store valuable items and paperwork, an electric dehumidifier is an ideal solution to the humidity problem.

Get An Electric Fan

If you do not have enough finances, then do not worry because an electric fan is an incredible substitute for a dehumidifier.

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