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Storage Shed Maintenance Tips

Storage sheds are a lifetime investment. They can be used for anything from a makeshift gym to additional storage. Although their life depends on your usage and the quality of construction, you should maintain them and periodically check for any damage to ensure they will last for years.

Storage sheds are exposed to harsh conditions that can lead to severe wear and tear from the outside and expose their inner layer. This process makes them brittle.

However, timely maintenance and checkups can help you detect any damage to their roof, walls, doors, or other parts on time and save you from costly repairs.

So, how do you maintain your storage shed and keep it in good condition? Keep reading to find out some of the most useful tips for maintaining your storage shed and protecting it from damage.

Keep Its Floor Dry And Moisture-Free

The upcoming winter season’s rainfall can make your shed’s floor moist. Such moisture can damage the floor of the storage shed. It is important to prevent long exposure of the storage shed floor to water. Otherwise, the moisture will damage the wooden structure and develop mold and bacteria.

Keep Your Shed Well-ventilated

Ventilating your storage shed is important to keep it in good condition. A poorly ventilated shed can develop a foul smell and retain moisture inside. This almost always leads to the growth of bacteria, rust, and mold. Moreover, keep the grass around your shed trimmed and fill in any cracks in the shed’s walls to prevent water from coming inside your shed.

Paint Your Shed

A good-looking shed appeals to everybody. You can maintain it by checking for any cracks and damage and fixing them before applying paint. The exterior primer should be used before painting. It protects the structure from rot and decay and also makes it resistant to termites. You can also use paint on the shed’s floors to protect them from outer damage. Use acrylic latex paint on the exterior, especially on exposed edges, to protect it from rain.

Pro Tip: Even though your shed was painted before, it is a good idea to repaint it to add an extra layer of protection.

Maintain Its Roof

The roof is the most exposed part of the shed to rainfall and snow. So, you have to put in extra effort to make sure there are no leaks in it, and the rain can’t get in your shed. Canada’s weather can be extremely unpredictable sometimes, and any damage to your shed’s roof can damage it as a whole.

Keep It Free From Critters

Critters and insects are common after rain. They can make their way into your shed and damage it. Moreover, rodents, bugs, and mice can also eat up the shed’s material and make it brittle. To keep your shed in good condition, keep it free of any critters and bugs by regularly spraying the area around it with insect killer, cutting the grass around the shed, and preventing any tree branches from resting on the shed’s roof.

Maintain Your Shed By Regularly Cleaning It

Your shed is an extension of your home and just like you try to keep your home clean every day, make sure that you keep your shed clean as well. This step is even more important if you want to use your shed for something other than just for storage purposes. A clean shed will not only give you a good and productive feeling every time you use it, but will make it easy to detect any damage.

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