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Things You Should Avoid Keeping In Your Storage Shed During The Summer

Having your things neatly organized is one of the best feelings, especially if you are a perfectionist and like your things properly stored. One perfect way to ensure that your belongings are safe and accessible is by putting your garden shed to use. A storage shed is a great place to store your extra items if you’ve run out of space in your attic, closet, or garage.

There is a lot of stuff that you can store in your outdoor storage building, whether it’s a shed or a garage. These include snow blowers, bicycles, bikes, garden tools, yard equipment, and more. Nearly anything you can fit through the shed’s door can be stored inside, but certain items can get damaged in the shed’s space, especially during the summer season.

If your portable shed is not properly insulated or climate-controlled, then a rise in temperature during the hot summer months can do more harm than good. Read this blog to find out more about the items that you should never keep in your garden shed during the summer.

Any Kind Of Food

Bulk shopping can be cost-effective, but it can give rise to storage issues once you run out of room in your pantry or kitchen cabinets. A garden shed might have a lot of storage space to stock your access food, but things can quickly go south for you. An unused closet in your house is a much better choice.

Especially during the summer, with temperatures going up to 35 degrees Celsius, any food – fresh or canned – can get spoiled easily. Exposure to humidity and heat can cause your food to lose both its flavor and nutritional value. It can also lead to corrosion and spillage that can damage other items as well. Therefore, you must avoid keeping your staple food in a shed along with your pet food.

Your Artwork

Artwork is vulnerable to both moisture and heat, and therefore needs to be kept in a climate and humidity-controlled environment. Repeated contraction and expansion can deform the canvas and cause cracks and flaking in the paint. Additionally, moisture may facilitate the growth of mold and mildew. Exposure to the sun and high summer heat can cause discoloration and deterioration to your precious art. Therefore, it’s best to avoid storing your artwork inside your shed.

Leftover Paint

When stored improperly, your leftover paint, refinishing solvents, and stains can easily be ruined. Especially in extreme temperatures and can cause the paint to separate, leaving behind an unusable, curdled mess. The hot summer days and high heat can spoil even unopened cans before you even use them.

It’s okay to store a half-full paint can in your shed overnight, but if you are not going to use it for a long time, you must store them in a cool and dry place. Ensure that the lid is tightly in place and store it in a utility closet or basement until you need it.

Photographs And Films

Humans love making memories, and one great way to do this is by taking photographs of these moments. But most of these photographs don’t come with a photo album. So when you run out of space to store these access pictures, the first thing you do is store them in a box and place them in your storage shed. This can turn into a horrible situation, especially in the summer season.

Moisture and heat can cause your pictures and camera film to stick together and even grow mold. Extreme summer temperatures can cause discoloration to your photos as it interferes with the chemicals used in their processing. Therefore, storing these items in a shed is an invitation to ruin as it will leave a mess of faded and stuck-together photographs.

The best way to ensure the safety of your treasured photographs is by storing them in a dry, cool, and dark place like under your bed or at the back of a closet.

Outside storage sheds can help declutter your house, but storing the items mentioned above is not recommended. However, making some modifications and additions to your garage shed can come in handy. If you install high-quality shed insulation, humidity control, and a thermostat to regulate the temperature of your shed, you can use your storage shed to store almost anything without the risk of damage.

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