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5 Things You Should Never Store In Your Outdoor Storage Shed

It’s so important that you know what you can and cannot store in your outdoor storage shed. Outdoor storage sheds are the best way for you to keep your things organized, safe, easily accessible, and out of sight. But there are things that you should avoid storing in your outdoor shed. We all have a pretty good idea of what items can be stored in an outdoor shed. They are great for storing snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, and things that don’t fit in the house.

It’s not often that we think about what we can or cannot be stored in an outdoor shed. In this blog post, we will discuss the things you should not store in your outdoor storage shed.


You should never store food in your outdoor storage shed. Bulk shopping is very cost-effective, but your outdoor shed should not be used as an ideal place to store your food staples. Food will invite pests and other rodents into the shed, plus the food that you store in your outdoor shed will be exposed to moisture and heat, spoiling your groceries. So, it’s better to store your groceries in an unused cupboard or closet in your house rather than in your outdoor storage shed. The same goes for pet food, bird seed, and other animal food.

According to a study, a stock of canned food will have a shorter lifespan in a room that gets hotter than 70°F since the food spoils at 95°F. Storing your canned food in your shed during the winter will cause it to freeze. You can unthaw your food but it will have lost a part of its nutritional value and taste.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are made from different materials that can get damaged by humidity and heat. So, you should not store your musical instruments in your outdoor shed. For instance, a musical instrument made out of wood will be affected by heat and humidity. Similarly, instruments made out of brass such as trombones, trumpets, and french horns will corrode when exposed to humidity and moisture. Hence you should be mindful of these factors before putting your musical instrument in your outdoor storage shed. If you want your musical instruments to stay in good working condition then an outdoor shed is not the ideal place for them.

In a study, it was revealed that wooden instruments in particular get damaged by exposure to moisture and heat. The humidity in your outdoor shed weakens the instruments glue joints and softens the wood leading to permanent instrument deformation. So you must store your musical instrument in a controlled environment that does not change drastically or according to the weather conditions.


Artwork is vulnerable to heat and moisture so they need a climate controlled environment to keep them in good condition. Moisture can cause mold expansion and contraction to your artwork. If they are stored in an outdoor shed they will be exposed to the heat of the sun causing discoloration. Additionally, temperature and humidity changes can make paint flake and crack and cause the canvas to expand and contract. If you want your artwork to last long-term, keep your artwork in a controlled environment.


Electronics should not be stored in an outdoor shed because just like food and musical instruments they can get damaged by exposure to humidity and heat. Electronics such as phones, computers, microwaves, televisions, and DVD players will corrode due to the humidity in your outdoor shed. Even if you are planning to donate these electronics, don’t store them in your outdoor shed as the heat and moisture will ruin them and they will be of no good to anyone. Plus, if pests weasel their way into your shed, they could ruin these items by chewing through the cords.


The moisture and extreme temperatures in your shed will stick your cherished photos together and make them susceptible to mold. So it’s better to store your photographs inside a closet in your house to keep them safe.

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