Top 3 Tips For Securing Your Garden Shed

Many people do not regard the security of their storage shed as something important that requires the same level of protection as their home. They merely see it as a space to store empty delivery boxes, tools, or any extra equipment that they don’t use anymore. This unsecured shed is a perfect opportunity for a robber to break in and steal valuable items such as lawnmowers, power tools, and bikes.

Even if there aren’t any expensive items inside your garden shed, a robber can still attempt to open your front door using the tools in your shed and enter your home. No matter where your shed is located concerning your home, it is important that you actively think about securing your garden shed against all potential threats. Since there are many risks involved, you must install a security system for your shed because it is an easy target for vandals and robbers.

Read this blog to learn more about some common storage sheds weaknesses and what you can do to prevent break-in attempts.

Check For Structural Weaknesses

Garden or storage sheds are a primary target for robbers because they are not properly secured despite various high-payout items. Sheds that are poorly maintained and have loose boards, rusty metal surfaces, and prominent rotten wood patches provide little to no defense against potential theft. To avoid any loss of property in the case of a break-in, you must take the time to conduct a thorough inspection of your storage shed. Identify any damages or potential weak points to the exterior surface of your shed.

One great way you can eliminate or minimize the risk of robbery is by investing money in the installation of some tamper-proof screws. Always ensure that your shed’s door is locked. Ensure routine maintenance to avoid any potential damages to newer sheds. If your garden shed is beyond any possible repair in certain places, you can make a few temporary patches to protect your valuable items.

Anchor Your Storage Shed

Typically, garden or garage sheds are portable and come in multiple sizes. If your storage shed is small in size, then your valuable items are at a high risk of being stolen as a portable shed can be easily lifted from below by a thief. To prevent or eliminate any possibility of a break-in, you must immediately anchor your shed to the ground.

Angle brackets (L brackets), rawl plugs, and place breeze blocks or screws can be used inside your shed to make it heavy and harder to lift. You can also attach it to your boundary wall to minimize or prevent the likelihood of it being blown away on a windy day.

Install Alarms And Cameras

Even if you use the above-mentioned safety precautions, anyone with the right tools can still break into your storage shed. Therefore, we recommend that you invest in a battery-operated alarm to detect break-in attempts. It is a great way to scare an intruder trying to enter your shed through a window or a door opening. You can also install a door sensor, and a motion detection sensor in different corners of your storage shed so that a siren will go off and alert you immediately when a thief tries to enter it.

You can also have a security camera installed or an infrared (IR) beam to monitor your property at all times, or by a dummy camera if the previous option is above your budget. A live feed is sent to your cell phone when any motion activates the sensor of your security camera. Due to their covert nature, you can hide the motion detection IR beams in plain sight as well. When a beam is broken, you will get a text alert on your mobile phone.

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