Top Reasons To Choose A Lofted Barn For A Storage Shed

Space is something that everyone looks for in a storage shed while buying one. Lofts are a spacious option to store more items in a storage shed. People often become confused when buying a storage shed. Most of them want a shed that is accomodating enough to store multiple items. A lofted barn can be a perfect choice for them in such cases.

A lofted barn not only looks beautiful but is one of the best selling roof designs in the market. Let’s see the top reasons why you should pick a lofted barn for a storage shed.

It Offers More Storage Capacity

What is a lofted shed? It is an additional space for storage near the roof of your shed. With a lofted barn, you gain more storage capacity to store your things.

What’s more, instead of sleeping in the drawing-room, you can also set up a sleeping space there if you have guests over.

Nowadays, people look for something where they can store out-of-season items. Storage sheds with lofted barns offer the advantage of storing those items that are not needed in a particular season.

It Helps Store Things Away From Pests And Water

A lofted barn allows you to store things near the roof. This keeps your essential items away from water. When it rains, water flows to the ground of your shed, damaging items on the ground. Lofted storage sheds keep your items safe from corrosion and rust.

Moreover, storing items in a loft will keep them away from pests. Most pests and rodents crawl on the ground. The loft will keep them safe and eliminate such kinds of dangers.

It Helps Store Things Out Of The Way

No one likes to stumble over things. Get rid of your ordinary storage shed, and opt for a lofted barn. A lofted barn stores things out of the way. So, you won’t become disturbed by the things getting in the way.

It Helps Keep Items Organized

What is better than having a space that is neatly organized? A storage shed with a lofted barn keeps your items organized helping to minimize clutter. You can keep everything organized in your lofted barn without disturbing the items stored below.

It Makes Your Storage Shed Brighter

A storage shed with a lofted barn is much brighter than a regular one. A lofted barn has a window that improves the lighting of your storage shed. This makes it much brighter, so you won’t have to switch on your lights during the day.

It Has Better Ventilation

The top windows of your lofted barn give better ventilation to your storage shed. It allows air to flow much better than any other kind of storage shed roof. Moreover, you won’t need to open your sheds’ windows when enough air is coming from the windows up there.

Lofted Barns Look More Stylish

It is good to go out of the way and opt for a different style. Lofted barns are uncommon but look stylish when installed. Moreover, you can create and customize your new loft shed into a beautiful space to suit your needs.

Types Of Lofted Barns

Most companies offer four different styles for lofted barns. These are:

Lancaster Lofted Barn

It is a small loft over the porch. It is perfect for storing small items that you need to store away and don’t need often.

Lincoln Lofted Barn

Lincoln is the most spacious lofted barn option. It has two overhead lofts and offers extra storage.

Jackson Lofted Barn

It gives ample storage space over a porch. It has about 4 feet loft at each end.

Haven Lofted Barn

Haven barn has a side loft that gives extra storage. It looks like a gambrel roof and is often used interchangeably.

How Can You Use Lofted Barns?

Lofted barns are great for storing different items. You can use them as a storage space or create a cozy sleeping space during the winter. With creativity, you can turn them into a study or office space as well. However, most of the time, lofted barns are used for storing less frequently used items to avoid clutter.

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