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Storage sheds are a big investment, and not everyone can afford to replace them again and again with new ones. Imagine thinking that you will be able to enjoy your storage shed for a long time only to find out that water has been affecting it for months. Therefore, taking care in every way is necessary to ensure that it can last for a long time and serve the purpose for which you need it too.

Whatever you decide to use your shed for, it is imperative to ensure that it is waterproof. Otherwise, rainwater might seep into the walls of your shed and make its material brittle. This can dramatically decrease the lifetime of your storage shed, and you might have to look for another shed which may be quite expensive. So how do you fully waterproof a shed and make sure that water does not affect the integrity of the material? This blog post mentions some useful steps which can help you waterproof your shed.

Why Is Waterproofing Your Shed Necessary?

Waterproofing your shed is important to ensure that your garden building and its contents remain in good condition. The moisture inside your shed can build up and cause rot and might also cause mold and mildew, creating unpleasant smells and irritating your lungs, skin, nose, and throat. It can also rust your metal shed and tools you might have stored inside. To understand more about the topic continue reading this blog post to find out how to waterproof your shed.

Start With The Base Of The Shed

The area which is the most prone to getting in contact with water is the ground. When it rains, the base of your shed will be in contact with the water. Therefore, it is important for you to construct your shed with a concrete slab or a wooden foundation where it can sit. Installing a wooden slab or a concrete base is an easy and a great solution to avoid your shed’s base coming into contact with the rainwater.

Treat Your Shed With Wood Preservatives

If you want to protect your shed’s wood for a long time, you need to treat it with wood paint every year. The initial treatment carried out by the company can weaken over time needing a top up to ensure it remains in optimum condition. Therefore, you must apply a wood preserver whenever possible to protect it from the elements and keep it healthy for a long time.

Reduce Vegetation Around The Shed

Vegetation and clone shrubs and bushes are the main source of moisture in your shed. Proper air circulation is necessary to prevent moisture accumulation. Therefore, you should remove any overgrown plants that might come in contact with the sides of your shed to prevent them from clinging to the structure.

Check All Doors And Windows

Over time, wood shrinks, causing cracks and chinks to open up. It creates a space between the walls and the window frames through which water may penetrate. Therefore, it is important to fill the gaps around doors and windows to ensure there is no gap in between from which water can enter.

Other Considerations

  • Clearing gutters and maximizing drainage.
  • Make sure that the roof is sound.
  • Applying weather stripping around the windows and doors.
  • Insulating your shed and maintaining proper ventilation.
  • Applying caulking.

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Final Words

Checking your shed every now and then and ensuring its condition is a good way to enjoy it for years. Whatever your shed’s purpose, keeping it away from water and moisture is important for its longevity. Enjoy your shed for decades by following some of the easy tips mentioned above.

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