Ways A Shed Is A Big Help To Your Yard In Cold Weather

Winter has almost officially arrived. Life is significantly different when our environment is cold and blustery. The weather may hinder the smooth execution and performance of many life activities. This is the reason people tend to prepare their homes, sheds, vehicles, and offices for winter by performing any required maintenance and repair activities.

Your shed and home garage can play an important role in winterizing your property. Your shed can be more than just a cozy winter hideout. It can help you store some of your important supplies and excessive summer equipment.

This blog explains some of the simple ways you can prepare your shed for a harsh winter and how it can work as an addition to your yard.

Garden Supplies

Many people tend to store their garden supplies in their shed throughout the year. However, now is the time to make sure that these tools are clean, tuned up (especially the lawnmower), and are ready to survive throughout the fall and winter months.

Besides caring for your garden supplies and tools, make sure your potted plants that can’t withstand extremely low temperatures are covered up and stored in a place where the temperature is not that harsh. A safe place for such plants is the floor of your shed and garage.

In addition to this, hoses should be rolled up and stored in a safe place where they have fewer chances of filling with ice and getting cracked. Leaving a hose attached to the tap in cold water can cause ice in the hose to flow back and cause freezing pipes, creating drain blockages or pipe bursts.

Patio, Deck, Outdoor Furniture

Harsh and cold weather can diminish your outdoor furniture. Measures should be taken to save them from harsh conditions. Many people let them face the bad weather thinking they are made to withstand outdoor conditions. To ensure your furniture lasts long, protect it from harsh weather conditions.

The simplest way to do so is to place them in your shed. Make sure any fabric portions of the furniture are clean and dry. If you don’t have enough shed space for bigger pieces, buy outdoor furniture covers and use straps. Securely tie the straps to the furniture piece to protect it from rain, snow, and wind.

Fool-Proof Firewood Storage

Nothing beats a cozy fire lit up in the winter and nothing beats your fire plans like soggy wood. Keep your firewood safe, secure, and dry by storing it in your shed. An ideal placement for your wood would be slightly higher then the ground base and in an open area for air to cross it.

When planning to use your shed as a firewood storage house, make sure you get your shed a sloped roof to ensure the optimal drainage of rain and snow.

Now Is The Time To Reorganize

With many creative ideas out there to better utilize your backyard shed in the winter, it’s time to make it approachable and organized. There is no guarantee that your summer items, gardening tools, or hoses that you are storing in the shed will not be needed in the winter. Therefore, for your ease, it is better to keep your shed organized and place your things in an approachable manner.

It is better to keep your summer-related items at the back of the shed and bring all of your fall-time helping tools to the front. Your snow shovels, leaf collector, and firewood should be kept at the front of your shed or in an easy-to-reach place.

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