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What Can You Store In Your Garden Shed Over Winter?

As the temperature continues to drop, now is the time to begin thinking about storing items that you will no longer require during winter. Sure, the task seems daunting, as all your summer stuff has become a part of your house, and storing them away will require space, time, and some serious thinking. However, fall is the perfect time to start organizing your summer belongings and make space for them in your garage, storage, or even garden shed.

Garden sheds are the most amazing portable buildings one can have for their garden and lawn. You can potentially use these small sheds for many different purposes, such as storage space, workshop, or crafting area. However, in winter, they are used explicitly for storing summer items that need a secure spot where they can safely be tucked away until needed again.

But what should and shouldn’t be stored in a garden shed is a dilemma that many people face. To make things easier, below, we have compiled a list of things that can safely be stored in your garden shed.

List Of Things That Can Be Stored In Garden Sheds

Summer Clothes

The first thing that will need decluttering and reorganizing to make room for your winter belongings in your closet and wardrobe is your summer clothes. However, storing your summer clothes isn’t always easy, as moisture in their new designated space can ruin the fabric.

To safely put away your summer outfits in your garden shed, ensure that your shed has controlled temperature and humidity levels. Store your clothes in a clean tub before storing them in the shed.

Lawn Tools And Equipment

Lawn tools and other gardening-related equipment are the best things to store in a shed during winter. Most of these tools are extensively used outdoors and are therefore built to withstand extreme weather conditions and moisture. However, it is best to rub any metal surface with oil, so it doesn’t rust easily.

Moreover, if the buildup of snow makes your shed inaccessible for some time, it is best to move pruning and tree cutting tools inside the house. These tools are useful in winter in case a shrub or tree suffers winter damage.

Dry Chemicals

You can store dry chemicals such as pesticides in sheds. However, before storing them, it is necessary to read their label or instruction manual. If the manual says that the chemical should be stored in a cool and dry place, and doesn’t mention “a frost-free place,” keeping them in the shed won’t harm them. Dry chemicals can usually withstand frost and safely be stored in sheds.


If you happen to have extra gasoline or fuel tanks in your house, which are used to light up your stove or start your car in case of emergencies, a good place to store them is in your garden shed. Like other liquids, gasoline doesn’t freeze quickly. It has a freezing temperature of -100 degrees, and your garden shed can never become this cold!

Power Tools

Like lawn tools and equipment, power tools such as electric drills, air compressors, heat guns, mowers, trimmers, and more can also withstand extreme temperatures. It is highly unlikely that low temperatures will have adverse effects on these tools, but the fluctuating temperature can surely damage them. Moisture condensation can increase the process of corrosion and, therefore, can cause the tools to rust.

However, to prevent this, you can apply or rub rust prevention products or oil on them and store them in a safe box first. All power tools except for batteries can be stored in garden sheds. Make sure to read the instruction manual to see any specific recommendations for storing your tools.

House Decor And Recreational Items

Many people like to change their home decor based on seasons. If you’re one of these people, you can store your summer/fall home decor items safely in your garden shed.

You can also store your summer recreational items like barbeque grills, pool items, tennis rackets, and other summer sports equipment. Your Garden shed is the perfect place to store such things over winter.

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